Nick, The Fairily Squared (spb_nick) wrote,
Nick, The Fairily Squared

DIGImend tablet compatibility

VID:PID     Original model              Rebranded models*               2.6.36-rc3      2.6.35          2.6.32

5543:0003   UC-Logic Tablet WP4030U     Trust item #16486               OK              UNTESTED        UNTESTED
                                        Genius MousePen 4x3
                                        Aquila L1
                                        Manhattan 3"x4"**
                                        Monoprice 4X3**

5543:0004   UC-Logic Tablet WP5540U     Trust item #15356               OK              UNTESTED        UNTESTED
                                        Genius MousePen 5x4
                                        Adesso CyberTablet Z7**
                                        DigiPro WP5540**

5543:0005   UC-Logic Tablet WP8060U     Genius MousePen 8x6             OK              OK              OK
                                        DigiPro WP8060**
                                        Manhattan 8"x6"**

5543:0042   UC-Logic Tablet PF1209      Genius PenSketch 12x9           OK              UNTESTED        UNTESTED
                                        Adesso CyberTablet 12000**
                                        Adesso CT-12000A**

172f:0032   Waltop Slim Tablet 5.8"     Genius G-Pen F350               OK              UNTESTED        UNTESTED
                                        Trust item #16485
                                        VisTablet Mini**

172f:0034   Waltop Slim Tablet 12.1"    Genius G-Pen F610               UNTESTED        UNTESTED        UNTESTED
                                        VisTablet Original 12"**
                                        Adesso CyberTablet Z12**
                                        Adesso CT-Z12A**
                                        PenPower Tooya Pro**
                                        Aiptek Slim 12.1 Inch**

172f:0501   Waltop Media Tablet 10.6"   Genius G-Pen M609               limited wheel   limited wheel   limited wheel
                                        Genius G-Pen M609X              functions,      functions,      functions,
                                                                        otherwise OK    UNTESTED        UNTESTED

172f:0500   Waltop Media Tablet 14.1"   Genius G-Pen M712               limited wheel   limited wheel   limited wheel
                                        Genius G-Pen M712X              functions,      functions,      functions,
                                        Trust item #15358**             crippled        crippled        crippled
                                        Adesso CyberTablet M14**        resolution,     resolution,     resolution,
                                                                        otherwise OK    UNTESTED        UNTESTED

*   This is not an exhaustive list, there are very likely more rebranded
    tablets which are actually supported.

**  These models were discovered by matching advertised appearances and
    characteristics and weren't verified, but would work with high

Please don't hesitate to report any inaccuracies or omissions. Thank you.
Download the patches and see more details at
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